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Actors Hub VIP Membership Joining Fee

One-off Joining Fee and then Only £18 per month.


Membership Benefits include;

  • Anytime Headshots
  • FREE Studio Hire
  • Featured Profile Page
  • Enhanced Acting Profile
  • FREE Pro Business Cards
  • VIP Membership Card
  • VIP Cinema Screenings
  • Regional Pro Database
  • Seen by Casting Directors
  • 40%* Discount on Events
  • FREE* Workshops
  • Loyalty Programme
  • PRO Opportunities
  • Regular Newsletter
  • IMDb Credits
  • Paid Work


Actors Hub VIP Membership is our ALL-IN Access-All-Areas Membership Package aimed at Professional Working Actors.
As a paid up Member you receive a huge selection of fantastic benefits and professional support to help keep your career on track.


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